Toni Redpath

  Toni Redpath is originally from Australia, and started ballroom dancing at the age of 9, after accompanying a friend to a local dance competition and deciding that it looked like too much fun not to try.

At 18, Toni represented Norway for three years with then partner Jan Tore Jacobson before moving to England and passing her Imperial Society Professional Exams with high honors. Toni later joined her family in America and began her professional career as an instructor at Mary Murphy’s Champion Ballroom Academy in San Diego, California.

Toni later formed a professional ballroom competition partnership with Michael Mead, and together they developed a unique style that ultimately led them to win the U.S. Open Ballroom Championships a record-setting four years in a row, before retiring from competition – undefeated – in 2002.

Toni now choreographs for shows, trains the current World Champion ballroom dancers, and judges the country’s most prominent ballroom dance competitions.

We are proud to have Toni participate in Preciosa Invitational Coaching Series.

Toni Redpath Workshop