Dance Benefits Group is committed to providing professional services to our members. We strive towards achieving professional standards and are proud to present to you the Philosophy of our company.


To create and develop initiatives that will make our dance professionals and participants more successful.


To be The Premier Resource in the Dance Sport Industry.

Core Values

Members – We satisfy their requirements with customized resources and initiatives.
Colleagues – We provide each individual with the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Partners / Sponsors – We exceed their expectations.
Innovation – We anticipate emerging dance requirements and develop effective responses.
Excellence – We continually pursue higher quality in all areas of our operations.
Integrity – Ethics without compromise is our standard of conduct.

Operating Principles

Partnership – We work with dancers, colleagues and the industry in beneficial partnerships.
One Group, One Team – We serve members with our global resources, including those of The Dance Benefits Group.
Change – We pursue change when it benefits our members.
Accountability – We measure our performance against planned objectives.
Growth – We implement strategies and initiatives to foster profitable growth.
Community – We are committed to the well-being of our communities.
Technology – We develop and deploy systems that enhance member service, internal productivity and industry interactions.