Why Be A Member?

What is Dance Benefits?

Dance Benefits Group is a new Membership Group, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible resources and prices for Professional Services within the Dance Community. We provide a wide selection of Dance Products and Services plus the most exclusive Coaching Series, Workshops and Seminars, all designed to enhance your dancing careers and goals.

Dance Benefits History

The Company is headquartered in New York City and was designed specifically to be The One Stop Shop for dancers. Dance Benefits Group’s philosophy is simple: To provide key resources for dance professionals, while keeping all costs down and passing the savings to its members. Dance Benefits Group identified and discovered that they could achieve far greater results by serving a selected audience of participants. We understand dancers and their never-ending quest for further development. Dance Benefits Group is the gateway to enhancing and protecting these needs for the sake of dancers’ careers and their success. We have established valuable relationships with industry experts in their communities and beyond.

Partnering for Impact

We are a team of companies united in our dedication to providing quality products and services. Dance Benefits Group has relationships with the best companies in the industry. As we continue to grow we will be striving to establish more resources for dancers. Our continued pursuit for the highest professional standards and efficiency will result in the best possible dance solutions for our members.

Be a Member with Confidence

Dance Benefits Group has created and developed an extensive products and services offering. We provide the best products and services from leading manufacturers in the dance industry. As soon as you become a member you will be able to start saving time and money.

Here is a list of our Products and Services:

Legal Services
Financial & Tax Services
Professional Developments – Invitational Coaching Series, Workshops and Seminars
Sponsorship Programs
Dance Products & Services – Discounts on leading dance manufactured Products and Services
Business Services
Health & Wellness
And more to come…

Dance Benefits Memberships

$150 Annual Individual Membership Fee

Gift of Dance Benefits Memberships

Dance Benefits Memberships

$150Annual Individual Membership Fee

Give the gift of lasting value. A gift that gives dancers a world of savings for Professional Development, Products and Services. One-year gift memberships, which can be renewed by the recipient, are available for individuals.

Business Membership

$849 Annual Membership

Business Membership is available for Competition organizers, Studios, Vendors and Business Owners. This membership allows for Advertising, Marketing, Promotions and Purchase of Products for Business, Personal and Resale Use.


More for less:

  • Professional Development
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Legal Services
  • Dance Products Services
  • Financial Tax Services
  • Health Wellness Services
  • Insurances


For any information regarding memberships please contact:

Dennis@dancebenefits.com     516.557.9126
Cathy@dancebenefits.com        646.379.4280