Ruud Vermeij

  Ruud Vermeij- Teacher, choreographer and therapist. Former professional dancer and dance judge. Born in Gaaga. Now lives in Laren, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, where leads Dutch Dance Lab. In 1996 he published “Thinking sensing and Doing” book. Ruud has a Post Graduate, Master and Doctorate Degree in Movement and Dance Studies. He also holds a professorship in this area. He furthermore has a Post Graduate and Master Degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Ruud Vermeij became the first coach with a doctoral title in ballroom dancing. This is the first case in the history of the dance world. The main topic of his thesis, which he worked for five years: the style of the dance style of the teacher and / or choreographer, dancer and individual style . He found that in this group of images, style dancers often fall victim to the power of sports and institutions. Rood brings us a step closer to how to deal with individually oriented strategies. His work helps to cope with loads of dancers in dance sport and will surely help them in training. 410 pages of Vermeij contain in-depth research and analysis of ballroom dancing.

World Cup Latin American Dancing Professionals 1983