Dance Counselor – Dr. Lisa Juliano


Lisa M Juliano, PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in NYC, who specializes in working with performers and artists. She is also a competitive Pro-Am dancer (Open Smooth and Latin) and therefore knows the importance of dancing to win but having a good working relationship with her partner and her coaches.


Partners’’ Counseling: Improve your communication skills with your partner and your coaches in order to have a more effective and productive partnership on and off the dance floor. Dr. Lisa will help you explore your own process to discover how better to express yourself in talking to your partner in an effective and helpful way.

Individual psychotherapy: When life circumstances seem overwhelming, it is good to talk to someone to get perspective. Or they may be someone close to you that could use a person to help sort through overwhelming life issues.

Referral service: For those situations where another professional service may be required.

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